If we were unable to fill an item in your order, we will do our best to substitute a similar item when available. We will not charge you for a substitution unless we are able to substitute an similar item or are replacing a conventional product with an organic one. In this case, we will only charge you the price for the conventional unit that you originally ordered. Substitutions of similar items may vary in specific variety based on availability. 

For size substitutions, we will charge the lesser price of what you ordered vs what we had to sub in. (ie. If you ordered a large organic papaya but were given a jumbo size as a sub, we will only charge you for the price of the large that you originally ordered).
If no substitute was made, the charge for the shorted item will be removed and you will not be charged when we run billing. This can be verified by the $0.00 price point next to the item on your invoice. 

To see your updated invoice, log in to your account at farmlinkhawaii.com and go to "My Account" and select "Delivery History". Click on View to see the invoice for your order today.  
If you are missing an item that is not noted as a short on your invoice, please let us know as soon as possible. We will issue a 150% credit for any items mistakenly billed but that you did not receive. 

For any other discrepancies or questions, please reach out to us at support@farmlinkhawaii.com so we can assist you! 

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